In 2013, DNV GL's CEO Henrik O. Madsen embraced EnviroNor and established a project team to verify, prove and enhance the EnviroNor Concept. With successful DNV GL approval, EnviroNor and DNV GL proudly launched the Concept in February 2014 under the "Aqua Recovery Solution" name. To date, DNV GL, World Wildlife Foundation and Norwegian Red Cross have become EnviroNor's collaborative partners.

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DNV GL is the world's leading classification society in the maritime industry, and it is also the leading technical advisor to the global oil and gas industry. DNV GL delivers world-renowned testing and advisory services to the energy value chain, including renewables and energy efficiency. DNV GL recently classified the EnviroNor Concept as an "Extraordinary Innovation Project" and the organization also performed the technical and commercial verification of the Concept. The results confirmed that the EnviroNor Concept is technically and commercially viable. Each water project investment will obviously vary, according to the location, size, design and technical solution selected by the client.

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Innovasjon Norge

Innovasjon Norge

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for the innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. The agency supports companies in developing their competitive advantage and in helping them enhance innovative efforts. It also helps Norwegian enterprises gain access to a broad business and financial support system which includes, competency, advisory, promotional and networking services. The marketing of Norway as a tourist destination is also considered one of the agency's primary tasks. By combining local industry knowledge and international networks with the business ideas and motivation of entrepreneurs, Innovation Norway helps lay the foundation for new and successful business endeavors.

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Chairman of the Board

Mr. Skaug held a number of executive positions with Wilh. Wilhelmsen and was the Group CEO from 2003 until 2010, when he retired. Prior to Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Mr. Skaug held a number executive positions with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). Mr. Skaug brings a considerable amount of industry experience and knowledge to the table. His contributions--along with his extensive business network--add value and credibility to EnviroNor operations.

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Technical and Conceptual Advisor to EnviroNor

Dr. Ing. Hallvard Ødegaard is a Professor Emeritus at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering. Professor Ødegaard's research activities are quite broad--ranging from drinking water to wastewater treatment and from water reuse to sludge handling. Professor Ødegaard has also written nearly 300 international publications on the subject. He brings a high level of academic research, experience and knowledge to EnviroNor operations. Professor Ødegaard also possesses an extensive network in higher education that lends credibility and promise to the successful development of the EnviroNor Concept.

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Paul Reiter – Principal – Reiter IWS- Singapore

Paul Reiter is a prominent thought leader on international and regional water issues, and he speaks around the world on the central challenges facing the water industry, as well as on the innovative solutions needed to meet those challenges. Mr. Reiter also serves as Strategic Counsel to the International Water Association (IWA), an organization that promotes global networking for water professionals. (IWA retains 10,000 members in 130 countries.) Prior to that, Paul served as IWA'a Executive Director for more than ten years. Paul is currently the President of his own consulting company, ReiterIWs.

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Mark Lane – Consultant at Pinsent Masons LLP

Mark Lane is a partner and specialist in the field of infrastructure law, with over 25 years of experience in the water, road and energy sectors. He has extensive experience of FIDIC-based projects and of projects procured on a PPT/BOT basis. Consequently, he has worked on a variety of projects overseas, particularly in Africa, Hong Kong, the Middle East and Ukraine. Mark heads up Pinsent Masons' Water Sector Group, where he specializes in water and wastewater regulatory and project assignments. He is editor of the "Pinsent Masons Water Yearbook" and is the only private practice lawyer on the UK Government's Water Sector Advisory Group.

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PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bergen


PwC is a strategic partner in developing EnviroNor. The financial institution is helping to identify reliable investment and industrial partners and is also assisting with business modeling and corporate legal structure.

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Wikborg Rein, Bergen

Wikborg og Rein

Wikborg Rein is one of EnviroNor's legal advisors on contractual issues.

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