The EnviroNor Concept

The EnviroNor Concept is based on proven technologies that draw on best practices from the maritime, oil and gas, water and sanitation process industries. By combining top-notch solutions from these industries and disciplines, we at EnviroNor believe we can help solve many of the world's water challenges that are present today. From treating and reusing wastewater to purifying and desalinating river and seawater, we're on the move! And we understand the challenges that are unique to water rehabilitation and its related industries...

The Challenge:

  • Water challenges arise for a number of reasons: Population growth, increased urbanization and industrialization, increased standards of living, and/or lack of resources and space name a few. Undoubtedly, water issues escalate in areas struck by natural disasters. Providing clean drinking water and safely treating wastewater remain two prevailing issues "on the table" in many parts of the world--urban, industrial and rural alike.
  • Although the reuse of ships and vessels is common in the oil, gas and LNG industries, we realize the maritime industry experiences environmental challenges from vessel phaseout. But many of the vessels are still in good condition when they are phased out (usually at 15-25 years old) and can still be reused for other purposes.

The Solution: Let us help you! Right now, EnviroNor, in collaboration with DNV GL, is offering clients a two-stage consultation and feasibility study.

  • Phase One: We conduct a high-level study that helps determine if an EnviroNor offshore wastewater treatment and/or desalination design (a.k.a. Aqua Recovery Solution) is suitable for your locations and for your requirements.

  • Phase Two: We conduct a comprehensive study where all other related elements are considered. Other factors may include, but are not limited to: economic and environmental impacts, technical and operational issues, vessel availability and conversion, etc.

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The Reliever

Relieves onshore treatment facilities during upgrades or repairs.

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The Changemaker

Primarily recycles wastewater into clean water for irrigation and industrial uses, but can also provide clean, drinking water.

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The Water Factory

Produces clean drinking water from river water.

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Desalination Vessel

Produces clean drinking water.

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FARP-Aid Program

Floating Aqua Recovery Plant

The FARP-Aid Program can either be one of the individual solutions mentioned above or a combination of them.

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