The Water Factory

Produces clean drinking water from river water.

The Water Factory


Produces clean drinking water.


Converts river water into clean drinking water.

*Note: The Water Factory can be used in other bodies of water such as lakes and oceans, however, it is built from “scratch” rather than reusing a vessel (like The Changemaker and Reliever options). Consult with EnviroNor to find out which option is right for your country/organization.

Who It Is for:

An area where clean drinking water is a scarce resource.


Helps local community efficiently use existing water resources by recycling river (or other) water into clean drinking water; gives people access to clean drinking water, which sustains life and promotes health.


  • Must be an onshore area in need of clean drinking water.
  • Land area or space for construction of shore-based water treatment plants is limited or not available.


Area that has nearby rivers or lakes.

Key Benefits:

  • Mobility: Can be used at a particular location for a limited period of time (for example,during planning and construction of land-based water treatment plants). It can also serve multiple locations in a specific area.
  • Construction Flexibility: Can provide quick access to clean drinking water without the costly, up-front investment of a land-based treatment plant. (Land-based options usually require land reclamation and construction considerations.)
  • Relativly Low Cost: Compared to an onshore plant, a lower investment is required to mobilize a “floating” offshore plant. Again, the ship can be utilized for shorter or longer periods of time, resulting in cost savings and/or cost flexibility.
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