Desalination Vessel

Produces clean drinking water for populations in catastrophic areas.

Desalination Vessel


Produces clean drinking water for populations in catastrophic areas.


Converts seawater (or salt water) into clean drinking water.

Who It Is For:

  • Areas that have been hit by catastrophe or natural disaster, and the surrounding communities are in need of clean drinking water.
  • Typical users include: local communities, hospitals, farmers, industry and other relevant, municipal users.


  • Gives local communities-in-need access to clean drinking water, which can save and restore lives and bring a myriad of positive health benefits.
  • After catastrophe, when the water infrastructure is restored to an area, the Desalination Vessel (DV) can move to a new strategic location and be ready for the next relief assignment.


  • An area hit by or immersed in catastrophe; has urgent need for clean drinking water.
  • Onshore water supply or infrastructure cannot provide the local community with sufficient drinking water.


Coastal areas where catastrophe or natural disaster hits (for example, the Indian Ocean Area, etc.).

Key Benefits:

  • Mobility: Can be mobilized to a new location/assignment in a relatively short amount of time. When not deployed for emergency purposes, the ERV can be used to provide water in other areas, but the vessel remains on call for emergency use.
  • Deployment: Rapid deployment is possible with this ERV, and it can remain in catastrophic area until all necessary water infrastructure and/or supplies are restored.
  • Relativly Low Cost: Usually no user investment necessary. Typically, a government organization or an NGO will pay a flat rate for use of the vessel. Fee is based on fixed + variable costs.
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